Design Packages

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Feature 1

Consultation with Kel ~ $100

($50 for Pre-consultation + $50 Post-consultation) 60 minutes each session

During the initial consultation, I am walking through your home, so I am taking visual notes and photos of the rooms for which you want design assistance.  I am also taking notes about your style and color preferences.

During the post-consultation, I will present a slideshow that will provide visual examples of interior ideas for each room, as well as an itemized proposal of all the work I (myself) intend to do for each room.  We will also discuss the staging and shopping packages I offer as well, and decide what fit is best for you.

Initial Consultation:

  • Walk-through of your home and/or rooms you want me to cover

  • Discussion of design or redecorating ideas, lifestyle, tastes and options; distinguishing your “style”

  • Client provides the budget

Post Consultation:

  • Present itemized proposal

  • Slideshow of each room for initial ideas for design and decorating visuals using Pinterest

  • Discuss next steps – what package fits best

Feature 2

Cleaning/Organizing Package ~ $250 per room

In the cleaning/organizing package by Kel, you simply snap your fingers for that clean and fresh-looking room you’ve been striving for, but haven’t had the time to invest in executing.  In this package, you are allowing me to come in and tidy up, organize, and clean your space for you. Whether that is organizing an office room, child’s room, mudroom, etc., with my organizational skills, I will leave your space with a new sense of purpose and cohesiveness.

  • Organizing items in a room

  • Cleaning/tidying up

  • Creating a sense of cohesiveness in the room

  • Shopping list of items I recommend for organizational/decorative purposes

    • (25% commission on all items I purchase for your space)

  • Cleaning/Organizing Package by Kel – up to 6 hours of labor (additional labor $35/hr)


Feature 3

Budget-Friendly Staging Package ~ $300 per room

Staging package by Kel is the most cost-effective way to get a new look in your home utilizing the furniture and decorations that you already own.  In this package, I will come spend a day rearranging your furniture, moving different pieces of art and decorations around to transform the room into a fresh look with what you have.  If you do want new pieces for this space, there will be a 25% commission on any new items I purchase for your room. I do request that you and your loved ones be out of the home during this time.

  • Rearranging furniture/staging your home while you are out

  • Hanging/moving art, rearranging furniture pieces

  • Shopping list of items if desired

    • (25% commission on all items I purchase for your space)

  • Redecorating/Staging by Kel – up to 8 hours of labor (additional labor $35/hr)

Feature 4

Prime Mini-transformation Package ~ $500 per room

Mini transformation package by Kel is a great way to bring a room back to life.  In this package, I can revamp a blah space or add the final touches that will give your space a fresh new look.  Some of this can be done with what you have, while also perhaps bringing in some fresh new home décor, lighting, or furniture pieces.

  • A final design concept provided with curated design suggestions

  • Shopping list of items if needed

    • (25% commission on all items I purchase for your space)

  • Mini Transformation by Kel – up to 12 hours of labor (any additional labor $35/hour)

Feature 5

Deluxe Full Transformation Package ~ $900 per room

Full transformation package by Kel is your secret weapon for a total room transformation.  This package is meant for those looking for Kel to come in and provide a total redesign or redecorate a space from scratch—this option may open doors for subcontracting jobs such as construction, electric, plumbing, etc.

  • Client will be provided with a budget-friendly shopping list with all applicable items needed: (25% commission on all items I purchase for your space)

    • New furniture suggestions

    • New flooring suggestions

    • New light fixture suggestions

    • New paint color suggestions

  • Redecorating/design provided – up to 24 hours of labor (additional labor $35/hour)

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